AMR Property Management will keep your rental property rented, the rent collected & your tenants happy with a well maintained, quiet residence. We provide positive cash flow and peace of mind to homeowners, condo owners, and multi-resident property owners. We manage your property’s maintenance, we handle emergency repair calls, (all year) yard maintenance including cutting grass, raking leaves, cleaning out eavestroughs, shovelling the snow – Anything your property needs so you don’t have to.


We are experts at obtaining licensing for Second Suites and BLR (Boarding, Lodging, Rooming Housing). We take all of the worry and stress out of this daunting task. We handle all of it for you.

Application (process and submit the right forms)
+ Attend the committee of adjustments
+ Manage the project to completion
+ Obtain final approval
+ You receive your official certification


Property maintenance has to be done for the good of your property, your investment and to attract and keep better tenants. But it can be a time consuming and complicated. We consult with you to schedule all maintenance in advance. From grass cutting & snow removal to furnace inspections, we customize the maintenance plan to suit your needs. Whatever you need, we give you peace of mind that your property is taken care of


Repairs can be tedious and time consuming and they are sure to happen. From plugged toilets & appliance issues to a furnace that is not working, we keep your property running and minimize any disruptions to your property and your tenants. We’re available 24/7 to respond to emergencies and coordinate action with your tenants. Responding positively to tenant concerns quickly helps keep your good tenants happy and your rental property running smoothly. We also have long-term relationships with service people to get the work done right and keep costs as low as possible.


Acquisition & Retention

It goes without saying that the most important goal of any rental property is to keep it rented with good tenants that pay their bills and are respectful of their home (your property). We screen hundreds of tenants every year. We know what to look for, where to look, and what questions to ask to find you good, respectful & honest tenants. Our process has been developed through years of experience and professional knowledge of the legalities involved. Our successful process involves carefully evaluating every detail of a prospective tenant application. We find the most qualified tenant that is also the most suitable for your property.


Honest and accurate marketing of the available unit sets reasonable expectations and attracts prospective tenants who have a reasonable perception of what the unit has to offer. We accurately describe the features and amenities to start a relationship with prospective tenants from a point of honesty and integrity. Then add our quick responses to inquiries and you get a marketing approach that simply works.


Our application process and the supporting documents that we require, give us the ability to assess a prospective tenants suitability for your home. We provide prospective tenants easy to use online applications and fillable pdf forms and we guide them to provide the supporting documents that we need to assess them as suitable for your property.


A prospective tenants ability to pay is obviously important and this starts with a credit check and income verification.


The suitability of a prospective tenant is a critical step. Will they get along with their new neighbours? Do they seem cooperative and pleasant? Will they likely stay for years or just a short term? We conduct a phone interview and we conduct a social media review to get the best impression of their ‘fit’.


After we have narrowed our search to a few prospective tenants that have passed our checks and scrutiny, we pass one or two of them to you for your review. You have the final approval. We present you with our detailed findings and assessment of the prospective tenant(s) with our expectation that these prospective tenants will be a good fit and that the rent will be collected.


When the tenant moves in we continue the process by observing, monitoring, and building a positive relationship. Our lease agreement clearly details the rights and responsibilities of the tenant and of you, the landlord. We do a move-in inspection to establish a starting point from where we can assess your home’s condition. By establishing a positive relationship with the new tenant, we are also able to strengthen communication and cooperation for the life of the tenancy.


AMR helps you to understand your rental income and your property’s month-to-month expenses. Rent collection can sometimes be problematic and it can also be tedious. We monitor the rent collection and pursue any defaults for you. And we make it easy for your tenants to pay with several convenient rental payment options. We offer pre-authorized debit and online payment options which often results in prompt rental payments. We also keep you up to date with paying property taxes, utilities and repair bills. We ensure the bills are paid on time so you don’t have to worry. At year end we’ll give you a categorized statement that summarizes all of the expenses so when it is tax time you will have everything you need for your accountant.


"AMR Group is the best property management company in the region and the only company I trust to manage my investments."
Dave H.
Real Estate Investor


Optimized Solutions for Real Estate Investors


Remodeling, upgrading and updating a unit or a property is a great way to increase a rental property’s value and desirability. With a freshly renovated property, we will be able to attract higher quality tenants, increase the resale value and ease of sale of your property and improve the safety of the unit for your tenants. AMR can help you decide what are the best renovations to do, what contractors are the best to hire and we can even manage the entire project. We have experience with all types of renovation projects to help you increase the value of your property whether you sell the property or keep it and get higher rents. We employ a team of experienced renovation professionals full time. Enjoy the comfort of knowing we know Building and Fire Code requirements.


Our programs are designed to meet the needs of Barrie property owners and to help our investors meet their financial goals. Working with investors and property owners in the Simcoe County region for over 20 years we bring the specialized expertise to ensure you optimize and protect your real investments. Contact our firm to discuss your unique services needs or investment plans. We can work with you and provide guidance to formulate strategies and solutions that meet you needs.


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