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Commercial Property Management Services

Are you looking to maximize your return on your commercial property investment?

No need to look any further than AMR Property Management. Our professional property management team is reliable, experienced, and devoted to delivering the best returns on our property owners’ investments.

As a full-service company, we can serve all your rental management needs.

You’ll see the benefits of our high-quality services from day one. We’ll fill your vacant rental units with tenants by utilizing a combination of proven online and offline property marketing methods. By conducting regular inspections and routine upkeep, we’ll help the value of your commercial property increase.

We know that managing even a single unit can be challenging. A full-scale commercial property can take a mind-boggling amount of work. Successful self-managing isn’t an individual skill. It’s a unique skill-set that is based on years of experience working on numerous properties across the spectrum. And that’s exactly the kind of experience our team has.

The story of AMR Property Management begins with the closing of a single real estate investment purchase in 1998. Since then, we have gathered the knowledge and practical skills needed to deliver outstanding commercial property management results to all of our clients.

Our focus is on the City of Barrie and the wider Simcoe County area. Get in touch with us today if you want to leave the worries of self-management behind. You won’t have to deal with challenging tenants, payment problems, emergency responses, and other stress factors anymore.

Get in touch with us by dialing (705)-728-9737 or by sending us a message at We’ll be more than happy to answer any questions that you might have!

Let Us Manage Your Barrie-area Commercial Property

We are always tailoring our services to the needs of our customers. Many property management companies offer a similar set of services, but at AMR we strive to exceed every expectation. Our 24/7 emergency phone line, fair flat fee, and transparent running reports make our support stand out from the rest.

You can read more about how we can help you as a Barrie or Simcoe County rental property owner below.

Property Marketing

Vacant commercial properties are expensive. You’ll have to deal with running costs without generating monthly income. This is exactly why quickly filling your vacant units is essential.

Efficient rental marketing amounts to much more than fancy photos. It’s important to combine effort, skills, and available technological innovations to reach the right target groups in your area.

The team at AMR has deep knowledge about the commercial property management industry, including the necessary skills and talent to maximize the potential of commercial property advertising.

Working with us means that you’ll rent out your property at the earliest opportunity. We’ll combine strategic offline and online marketing techniques to spread the word about your investment to the target audiences.

Applicant Screening

Similarly to residential properties, you need to screen your commercial property applicants. This is a crucial task; without proper screening procedures, you have no idea whether the tenants will respect your property or pay on time.

AMR protects your interests as a commercial property investor. We’ll make sure that you’ll enjoy only quality tenants in your rental units. This means taking a series of steps to ensure the right background of your applicants.

Here are some of the top issues we’ll address during the screening procedure:

  • What is the credit situation of the individual or company?
  • Is the person or legal entity able to afford the regular rent payments?
  • Does the individual or company owner have a criminal past?
  • Are there any references provided with the application?
  • Has the person respected lease terms in the past?

Regular Inspections

We know that our owners want to maintain the value of their investments at a minimum. The ideal situation sees a steady appreciation of their property investments. In order to achieve this, we need to make sure that renters take good care of the property.

This is why we conduct routine inspections in commercial properties. Keep in mind that sometimes renters don’t even notice important problems. We’ll find these trouble spots before they turn into costly repair needs.

Commercial Property Upkeep

Regular maintenance is an essential part of effective property maintenance. Even if we don’t find anything during an inspection, we’ll still take good care of your property and go through with preventive upkeep measures.

This is one of the aspects that makes self-managing a difficult task. As a rental property owner, you’ll already have a long list of responsibilities.

When you add routine upkeep on top of the rent collection, tenant screening, property marketing, and other tasks, things can get overwhelming quickly. We are here to take that stress away.

Eviction Support

No tenant screening procedure is 100% effective against problem renters. Sometimes good tenants find themselves in unexpected situations. In rare cases, you may need to proceed with a formal eviction.

AMR provides legal support should such a scenario arise. We’ll ensure that you comply with all the legal regulations during each step of the eviction process.

Financial Reporting

Do you want to keep a close eye on the financial information that’s pertinent to your commercial property? We can facilitate that in a clear and timely fashion.

When you choose to work with AMR, you’ll have constant online access to basic and advanced financial statements and reports regarding your property.

About AMR Property Management

Do you have a commercial property in the City of Barrie or Simcoe County area? If yes, AMR Property Management can be your management partner par excellence. Our team has the knowledge, experience, and contacts to provide maximum return on your investment.

For further information, give us a call at 705-728-9737 or send a message to

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