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Let Us Manage Your Golden Horseshoe Rental Property

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Are you looking to hire a property manager in Golden Horseshoe, ON?

If you are, then consider hiring AMR Property Management!

Serving property owners in Barrie and Simcoe County for over 2 decades, AMR Property Management is focused on providing steady ROI for your real estate investments. Whether you’re having trouble in the marketing arena and dealing with longer vacancies or have difficulty in screening tenants, we’re here for you! We offer full accountable partnership in managing your Golden Horseshoe rental home.

One of the things we prioritize is our clients’ peace of mind. As such, we offer outstanding customer service with worry-free maintenance for your Golden Horseshoe rental. No matter your needs, we have the resources to handle a single-family home, multi-family building or commercial unit with care. 

Please contact us today at (705) 728-6496 or email us at Our office is located in Barrie, Ontario. We can discuss the variety of ways we can serve you better and provide property management solutions to your Golden Horseshoe rental unit.

Our Property Management Services 

AMR Property Management aims to help our clients every step of the way. We analyze the causes for high turnovers in your Golden Horseshoe rental home. We then get it prepared for property showings and provide a strong marketing strategy. For rent collection, we create a system to make it efficient for both parties. Furthermore, we strive to maintain your home at its best to keep the value high and retain your tenants long-term.

golden horseshoe property management

With our great experience in the rental industry, you’ll enjoy the benefits that come from engaging our property management services, such as the following: 

1. Strategic Marketing of Your Rental Property

When marketing your Golden Horseshoe rental home, we don’t just market blindly. AMR Property Management takes the time to study the best features of your property. We analyze the suitable marketing strategies to implement and the perfect target market for our advertisement.

Once we have outlined these important factors, it’s easy for us to attract the kind of renters that will fit your Golden Horseshoe rental home. We can then proceed to mixing and matching the marketing tools available to us. 

If we’re catering to young professionals, we maximize your online presence to achieve exposure and attention. If we’re dealing with an older set of demographics, we also make sure to put up signs, use networking, and advertise on print as well.

2. Detailed Tenant Screening Process

Tenant screening is a critical area in property management. It can be the driving force in landing a long-term tenant. AMR Property Management has set criteria to assure our clients that we’re placing only high-quality tenants in their units. This way, it’s easier for us to eliminate and filter the problematic set of renters. 

We also know the Fair Housing Law by heart so no discrimination will impact your Golden Horseshoe rental operation.

To avoid rent payment failure and excessive damages, we check for a tenant’s long-term viability. 

golden horseshoe tenant screening

Do they have sufficient income? Are there past records of evictions or bankruptcy filed? Do they have a clean criminal record? What about their rental history? Do they perform their tenant responsibilities? These are the questions that we find important and seek to answer.

3. Rent Collection

An inefficient rent collection system leads to delayed ROI in your rental business. At AMR Property Management, we work to close the inefficiencies we encounter in running your Golden Horseshoe rental home. We deem it essential to maximize and provide convenience to your renters in terms of payment. Doing so also allows you to enjoy the benefit of prompt payment, too. 

We aim to provide a professional environment where payment terms are respected. If the leasing agreement includes payment of late fees, then renters must adhere to the policies set. If the tenant manifests delinquency in rent payment, we take matters into our own hands and handle the eviction process when needed.

4. Property Repairs & Maintenance

For the maintenance of your Golden Horseshoe property, AMR Property Management is resolved to keep your rental a safe haven for your tenants. If a leak is discovered, it will be promptly repaired. Regular inspections on roof, gutter and HVAC systems are consistent and a priority of the company. We actively work on providing a convenient space that raises the value of your property. 

golden horseshoe property maintenance

If emergencies occur, such as a heater malfunctioning in the winter, you don’t have to rise from bed to attend to it. We’re available to address urgent matters like this. We’re very hands-on and efficient. If you’re an investor living in another city or county area, you can rely on our dedication to taking care of your Golden Horseshoe rental home.

We have developed a long-term and trusted relationship with our contractors. That’s why we’re confident in saying that any work project or repairs will be excellently conducted. Our network is essential to maximize our clients’ savings when it comes to maintenance expenses.

5. Detailed Financial Reporting

Every property owner deserves an easy system to monitor the rental business. AMR Property Management sees to it that you can access an owner’s portal online. This lets you study the monthly statements and accounting reports of your rental space. We make things convenient for you.

About Golden Horseshoe Ontario

Golden Horseshoe is situated in the west end of Lake Ontario. It’s bordered by Lake Erie to the south and Lake Scugog and Lake Simcoe to the north. Golden Horseshoe, Ontario is included in the Greater Toronto Area. 

This region is economically diverse. The main industries are steel and automotive. Presently, other sectors in information technology, health care, Agtech, tourism, research and finance have propelled the growth in Golden Horseshoe. 

Here are interesting places to explore in and around Golden Horseshoe, Ontario:

  1. CN Tower
  2. Sherway Gardens
  3. Yorkdale Shopping Centre
  4. Niagara Escarpment
  5. Scarborough Town Centre

(Source: Wikipedia)

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