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Reasons You May Need a Property Manager

Posted by AMR on 05/12/2022

Not sure what a property manager can do for you? Whether you currently have a tenanted property, or are considering investing in one to rent out, here are some reasons why hiring a property manager may be a great fit for you.

You want to save time

There is a lot of work to consider in having a rental property. From finding tenants, to making sure rent is paid, and that maintenance is taken care of can take up a great deal of time. Property managers take care off all the details and let you sit back and watch your investments grow.

You’d want to ensure you are following the law

Property managers are well versed in the laws surrounding tenants and rentals. Whether it’s creating a lease, having to evict someone, following bylaws, or doing an LTB hearing, property managers have you covered to make sure everything runs smoothly with your rental.

Your rental property isn’t located near you

If you don’t live near your rental property, it can be greatly beneficial to hire a property management, as they can be there for you, saving you time and mileage.

You are overwhelmed with tasks

Whether it’s having major repairs to do, or dealing with difficult tenants, running a rental property can have a lot of issues and people to handle all at once. Property managers have a team on hand with the experience and knowledge to handle all types of situations.

You have a portfolio of properties or units

The more properties or units you own, the more overwhelming it can be. Having property management can be a great relief, allowing you to sit back, reduce stress, and let your investments be taken care of for you.

You would like to grow your business

By having a property manager take care of all the details, it will give you more time to focus on expanding your portfolio, investing in new properties, and thinking of bigger picture ideas.

You don’t want to be an employer

Depending on the amount of rentals you have, you may need to have people on payroll to do maintenance, accounting, and other tasks. Property managers are independent contractors and deal with these things so their owners don’t have to.

What Does a Property Management Company Do?

Property managers help save homeowners time and stress, by dealing with tenants directly. We can market your rentals, ensure leases are properly created, collect rent, take care of maintenance and repairs, respond to tenant’s complaints, and handle legalities such as evictions.

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