Meet Your Dream Team

Our goal is to execute a winning leasing strategy for you.   Strategic agency leasing ensures that your investment yields high value and long-term tenants. Whether you own a single signature property or a portfolio of prime addresses, making that smart

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Introducing our Newest Specialty

Hello, At AMR Property Management we are excited to introduce our newest Property Management specialty!  After 25 years of successful Residential Management, we have added Condominium Management to our growing list of services.  We started this journey by investing in

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Dear investment homeowner…

Dear investment homeowner, Did you know that if you or an agent doesn’t use the Ontario Standardized Lease, terms and conditions will automatically be converted to one at the Tribunal. Any clauses in your lease that are not legal will

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A Landlord’s Pain

Landlords go through a lot to run their property successfully. From finding the right tenants, to keeping up with maintenance, while trying to turn a profit, and remember all of the current rental laws. There are a lot of things

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