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Rental Management in Simcoe County

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Are you looking for a professional property manager in Simcoe County, Ontario?

If so, you’ve arrived at the right place as AMR Property Management has all your needs covered. We have been working with property owners and investors in the Simcoe County region for over 20 years.

At AMR Property Management, we know that positive cash flow is essential for investment property owners. We’ll make sure that your rental property stays rented and you receive a monthly rental income.

Our focus is on condo owners, homeowners, and multi-resident property owners. The services we provide are carried out on a 24/7 basis.

These are just some of our services you can benefit from:

  • Screening applicants to make sure you’ll only have quality tenants in your rental units
  • Responding to renters’ messages and complaints, including emergency responses
  • Taking all the steps to ensure that your rental property fully complies with the various laws and regulations

Choosing our full-service solutions means that you won’t have to focus on renovations, tenancy set-up, or other aspects related to property management.

Our Property Management Services

Self-management of your rental property is time-consuming and stressful. While other companies offer similar services that take away the management hassles, our company’s services rest on four key values.

  1. Responsive: We have an emergency phone line that is monitored 24/7.
  2. Local: Our office is right here in Barrie. We can go on-site as needed.
  3. Transparency: Our reports clearly show all the expenditures.
  4. Pragmatic & Valuable: We have fair flat fees instead of percentage service fees.
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Let’s take a closer look at some of our top services we can offer you:

1. Conducting Repairs and Maintenance

Regular maintenance will ensure that your investment retains its value. Even the smallest ignored upkeep or repair needs can cause serious expenses in the long run. We’ll act quickly when your tenants send out an emergency maintenance request.

2. Drafting Lease Agreements

The backbone of your Simcoe County rental property success is a solid lease agreement. Our experience has shown that having the right clauses in lease agreements lower numerous risks that a property owner could be subject to.

Our leases focus on protecting your interests as a rental property investor. All your tenants will receive full information beforehand so that they can understand the key rules of the rental agreement.

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3. Collecting Monthly Rent

Even with strict screening measures in place, you may still have to deal with delayed or entirely missed rent payments. This is a considerable challenge for many landlords. We have taken all the steps to ensure smooth payments.

Our online rent collection method allows your tenants to pay online. They can use their debit or credit card in the dedicated online portal. It’s possible to set up direct deposit payments as well.

We know that steady cash flow is one of your top priorities. That’s why we have taken all the measures to ensure that the rent collection process is streamlined, secure, and stress-free for all parties involved.

4. Delivering Excellent Marketing Services

Empty rental units lead to expenses that won’t be offset by the rental income. We aim to minimize tenant turnover and quickly fill your rental units with great tenants. In order to achieve this goal, we use a variety of efficient advertising methods.

We want your rental property rented out at the earliest opportunity. We use online and offline techniques to make that happen. You can be sure that your property is shown to the right target audiences.

5. Screening Applicants

Having the wrong tenants in your rental property increases the chance of delayed or missed payments, damages and negligence. You are unlikely to have any of these troubles with screened and vetted renters.

Our comprehensive tenant screening procedures ensure that you’ll enjoy only qualified tenants in your rental units.

These are some of the focus areas in the screening process:

  • We verify their employment status and regular income.
  • We run a credit check and learn about their financial history.
  • We make sure that they don’t have a criminal record.

6. Providing Financial Reports

Data drives decisions. We’ll provide you with all the financial information you need regarding your property investment. All of the detailed financial reports can readily be accessed online in the owner’s portal.

Just enter your credentials to log in. You’ll see all of the financial records in an easily accessible format. Among other financial stats, you’ll gain access to the balance sheet, general ledger, income and expense sheets, and the bank statements.

About Simcoe County

Simcoe County lies between Lake Simcoe and Georgian Bay. It’s less than an hour’s drive north of Toronto. The region is known for its freshwater beach, the longest freshwater beach in the world!

The county has two subregions: North Simcoe and South Simcoe. Even though this is an informal designation, the Simcoe County Road 90 is known as the dividing line between the two areas.

North Simcoe is less connected to the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) compared to South Simcoe. The Southern part is more industrial and has closer associations with the GTA. In fact, a considerable number of people commute to the GTA on a daily basis.

Quite a few Provincial highways traverse Simcoe County. The most notable one is Ontario Highway 400. All of the public schools within the county are operated by the Simcoe County District School Board.

Source: Wikipedia

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