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Winter Maintenance for Homeowners

Posted by AMR on 24/11/2022

Preventative winter maintenance for your home is important to help avoid expensive repairs and reduce utility bills, especially living in an area with heavy snowfall such as Simcoe County.

Here are some suggestions that are recommended to do yearly.

  • Make sure the eavestroughs are free of debris to allow water to drain properly and avoid ice from building up. Installing leaf guards can also be very helpful.
  • Doing general yard maintenance in the fall such as raking, pruning trees, etc, can help make your property look better – even in the cold and gray winter months.
  • Putting a throw carpet at entrances can help reduce damage to flooring.
  • Make sure your furnace filter is changed regularly, as it can reduce the HVAC system efficiency.
  • Always keep an eye out throughout the year for leaks – especially in the attic and basements. The best time to check is after heavy rainfall. Catching these leaks can save you thousands of dollars in repairs down the road.
  • The best time to tune up or clean your heating system is during the spring and fall, as many companies offer discounts during this time. This can help save major repairs down the road.
  • Weather stripping the doors and windows can help reduce drafts and save money on hydro bills
  • Have a plan for snow removal and de-icing services. Whether its hiring someone to do it, or doing it yourself, make sure you are prepared with a shovel, and salt or sand for those extra icy days it may be needed.

Though some of these tasks may seem like an inconvenience or not worth the cost, the long term benefits will far outweigh it.

Or you could also consider a qualified Property Manager. 

What Does a Property Management Company Do?

Property managers help save homeowners time and stress, by dealing with tenants directly. We can market your rentals, ensure leases are properly created, collect rent, take care of maintenance and repairs, respond to tenant’s complaints, and handle legalities such as evictions.

AMR has 25 years experience in Residential Property Management.  

We are here to discuss your portfolio and management concerns.    


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